Conquering ADHD

This a case study of a special child who was with us for six months. In this blog you will learn about

  • His problems
  • How we helped the child overcome those problems


Abhi is a child suffering from ADHD. He was 3.5 years old when he came to us. He lives in London with his parents. He along with his family had come to visit his grandparents in India. His parents learnt about SrijanWorld from a pediatrist. His physical age was 3.5 years but his mental age was that of a 1.9 year old. He did not make eye contact with anyone. He was hyperactive and could not sit continuously for even a few minutes. He had sensory processing disorder and delayed speech.

At Srijan, we assessed his interests by involving him in multiple activities such as dance, drama, clay modelling, colouring, drawing, story telling using puppets etc. and then engaged him in the activities he was interested in. This increased his concentration span. Deep breathing exercises also contributed to it. After a few months, he could sit continuously for one hour at a place. Exercises for hand eye coordination enabled him to make eye contact with people. With the help of Occupational Therapy and Acupressure, his sensory problem reduced and vestibular issues improved.

With each passing session, he started responding to name calling and whistling. He began combining words into single sentences. He spoke more and more new words each week. He started focussing on simple commands and identifying all common objects when they were named. He began understanding complex sentences.

There was immense improvement in him when he went back to London after six months. His parents were highly satisfied with the transformation seen in him in just a few months. It’s been a year now ever since they went to London and his parents are still in touch with us, updating us with his new achievements no matter how small they are.

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